Is CBD Legal in the US?

While we are not lawyers and are therefore not authorized to provide professional legal advice, we can tell you that all of the CBD products we offer are made with industrial hemp. Industrial hemp is defined as containing less than .3% THC, as stated in the 2018 farm bill.

Will I get high?

No; our CBD products are made from industrial hemp which is defined as containing less than .3% THC, as stated in the 2018 farm bill. As mentioned above, higher contents of THC cause the “high” that is often associated with marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive and users usually claim to feel more calm and relaxed.

What can CBD do for me?

Federal regulation does not allow us to make any claims.  But we encourage you to research why so many people are now using CBD and the benefits associated with it.

What makes Purveda Health Better?

We’re proud to say that our quality and dedication to customer service are what sets us apart. Our non-GMO, organic CBD products are grown in Colorado, and we adhere to the highest testing standards in the market. We continually test our products using independent third party labs to ensure quality and purity. We also seek to provide exceptional customer service, and we are available around the clock to answer any questions you might have.

Will I fail a drug test after taking CBD products?

It is highly unlikely that a CBD product user will fail a drug test, though we cannot make any specific claims. There is less than .3% THC in our CBD products, which is in accordance with the 2014 farm bill. Starting in 2018, CBD is an allowed substance by the World Anti Doping Agency, so Olympians will be able to use it. However, we advise our customers to use their own judgement if they are routinely drug tested.

How long does it take to get my products?

All orders ship within 24 hours, and in your hands within 2-3 days. We will send you tracking information once your order has shipped and you can always contact us with questions. Our central focus is customer service.