CBD Tips For Beginners

CBD is everywhere. It’s on Facebook, Instagram, in grocery stores, on different blogs, in gyms, and really anywhere else people can talk about it. CBD might be everywhere you’re looking, but if you’ve never used a CBD product and you’re new to the Cannabis industry it could be very intimidating. With all the misconceptions out there about CBD, it’s easy to understand why people are uneasy with the idea of using it.

A quick refresher: CBD (cannabidiol) is an active cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It’s non-psychoactive, so you won’t feel “high” from it. It’s been said that it may help relieve anxiety, pain, and stress alongside with many other benefits.

The biggest thing to recognize when it comes to CBD usage is that everyone was a beginner at a point in time. You’re not the first person that’s ever been nervous to try it out, unsure if it’s the right product for you, or full of questions. With that being said, here’s our beginners’ guide to CBD:

Tip 1: Everyone’s Experience Will Be Different

I would be willing to say anything you take (medications, prescriptions, food, supplements, etc) is a personal experience. For instance, while your friend may love Acai smoothies, Acai could upset your stomach beyond belief. The same goes for CBD.

The effects one experiences and the dosage necessary to feel those benefits depends on the individual and their DNA. Each person processes “hemp” differently than the other. I would highly recommend not comparing what you feel when taking CBD to other’s reviews, as well as not copying their dosage because that might not work for you!

Is it a good guideline to read reviews and hear other’s experiences? Absolutely. But don’t take everything you read or hear to heart.

Tip 2: Find The Right Product For You

The great part about CBD products is that there is a plethora to choose from. Do you like gummies or capsules? Would you prefer an oil tincture or lotion? It’s up to you & what you think will work best for what you’re wanting to achieve. I’d recommend trying a few different products first before you make your decision on what’s best for you.

Tip 3: Find The Right Dose

No one, no company, and no review will be able to tell what dosage of CBD is right for you. It’s impossible because as stated before no one is the same. If you’re new to CBD and nervous about starting to take it (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), I’d recommend picking a lower dose to start out with. Don’t go for the highest strength option at first, start small and work your way up. I’d recommend keeping track of what dosage you’ve taken and what you’ve experienced. That way you can know if you need to up your dosage and what’s working for you specifically.


I think it’s safe to say most of us are dehydrated on the regular. Many people (myself included) have realized that when taking CBD it’s important to stay hydrated so one does not feel the effects associated with being dehydrated. It’s easily compared to coffee or tea and how you sometimes feel a little dehydrated after consuming!

Tip 5: If It’s Not Everything You Imagine/Wanted At First, Don’t Give Up!

If you’re starting off with a smaller dose or trying out different types of products, you might not experience the effects you’re wanting from CBD after your first few times using it. It’s going to be trial and error, as well as a little time on your own figuring out what works best by listening to your body.

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